The strands in a ball are not twisted.

That means that the single strands do run parallel all through the ball.

Should small loops appear just go on knitting or crocheting as normal.

There are also small knots when the color is changing: no worries just go on working.

Please keep in mind that there can be color  variance due to your screen settings.

Care instructions:

 - Hand wash up to 30°

 - DONT use a fabric softener

 - Let dry lying flat

How much yarn do I need for:


Sweater/Cardigan in size:                                        Shawl/Scarf:  

S/M = about 750 m - 900 m                                        small = about 500m

M/L = about 850 m - 1100 m                                      medium = about 750m

L/XL = about 1000m - 1300 m                                    large = about 1000m

XL/XXL = about 1300 m - 1500 m

XXL/XXXL = about 1500 m - 1700 m


But these are just experiences. The consumption also depends on the pattern and on how tight or loose you work.


The weight of a ball can vary up to +/-5%. Wool is a natural product and is subject to variation of moisture content.